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      GIS MENS

      The mens BJJ gi by Kingz has established a new standard to which the entire industry must now aspire. Our goal was to take mens BJJ clothing and transform it from a type of uniform into a functional asset that would provide a performance advantage that complimented the wearer’s strengths and minimized their vulnerabilities. The fact that we’ve become the go-to clothing line of so many BJJ masters and novice Jiu Jitsuka indicates we’ve succeeded.

      Take for instance the Kingz Comp 450 V5 kimono. It’s fashioned from a single piece of 450 GSM Pearl Weave cotton, features robust reinforcements in every major stress point, a heat resistant and bacteria resistant lapel and top quality embroidery throughout. And then there’s the exceptional Balistico 2.0 with its clean, powerful lines and lightweight construction. For those warriors with a taste for the dramatic there’s our Sovereign 2.0 designed by Evan Mannweiler. It features 11 oz cotton drill pants, Coolmax lining and original Mannweiler artwork in the lining.

      When you purchase your BJJ clothing from Kingz you get more than a BJJ Kimono, Jiu Jitsu gi or Jiu Jitsu kimono. You get legendary quality, style and performance that helps you bring your “A” game each and every time.